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England and Wales Cricket Board

Experience cricket

LiveTourism has developed an assessment programme to help England’s leading cricket clubs to deliver excellent spectator experiences. The assessment focuses on the quality of the customer experience and provides clubs with an in-depth view of each stage of the customer journey. It’s based on a set of core criteria which we developed with the ECB and a number of clubs.

Every season, each club receives a series of assessments from one of our expert assessors. The assessors look at each stage of the customer journey from initial enquiries and ticket buying through to the match itself and departure from the ground. All clubs receive a report and debrief to enable them to review the visit in full and identify opportunities to improve the experience.

Top tip of the month

Providing excellent customer service means your staff are: Proactive (approach customers who need assistance) Approachable (a smile and open body language) Knowledgeable (understand the business they are in and anticipate customer needs)

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