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Need a speaker at an event or conference? Sure, you want someone knowledgeable but you also want to be entertained and have your audience connect with the subject. The best speakers inspire determination to act.

At LiveTourism we put the visitor at the heart of everything we do. We’re known for influencing businesses to make changes that will benefit both their customers and their bottom line.

We share our innovative thinking and inspirational ideas at workshops, conferences and seminars. Our professional speakers deliver interactive, motivational and fun filled experiences designed to make an impression.

Banish boring presentations and PowerPoint overload: book a LiveTourism speaker.

To discuss your requirements give us a call on
01628 290 600 or email us: info@live-tourism.co.uk




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Providing excellent customer service means your staff are Proactive (approach customers who need assistance) Approachable (a smile and open body language) Knowledgeable (understand the business they are in and anticipate customer needs)

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