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Brand development

Developing the brand with you, not for you

Branding is the nuts and bolts of a business. The tone of voice and imagery used tells customers who you are and projects the personality of your offer. As such strong brands are powerful business tools. Developing a brand can be a challenge, whether the development of a new business or reassessing the current brand. LiveTourism has the energy, innovation and knowledge to help businesses and destinations to create a brand that resonates with customers and best reflects the products and services it offers.

Why choose us?

  • We understand this is a two-way process, we develop the brand with you not for you
  • We take all stakeholders with us to ensure there is a collective brand voice
  • We are a fresh pair of eyes, we are able to identify the special selling points of a business or destination which connect with your customers emotions, motivations and priorities

We do things differently

Branding is perceived to involve big-budget creative agencies which only large businesses and major destinations can afford.

As a specialist tourism, leisure and sport agency with branding experience we offer an alternative approach.

Rather than develop the brand in isolation, we develop the brand with you. After all, you know your business better than anyone else.

We deliver

Brand values should run through all communication, whether social media, PR, a webpage or an advert.

We will help you evaluate your current market and see the special selling points, in order to develop the brand essence and create a competitive identity.

Latest News

LiveTourism have developed COVID-19 Spectator Ready guidelines to assist and support venues as fans begin to return to live events. For further information please contact info@live-tourism.co.uk

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