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Compelling case studies

Creating effective learning points

Effective case studies communicate good ideas and influence decisions. The best ones take preparation and attention to detail. Securing the content, preparing the interviewees, using the right language and creating an appealing style are crucial for engaging the intended audience. Design is important. Words and visual presentation go hand in hand.

Why choose us?

  • LiveTourism case studies influence audiences from government departments to micro-businesses
  • We write in language that is easily digestible and understood by a broad range of partners
  • We consider both presentation and structure
  • We believe less is more and communicate key messages as simply as possible
  • We suggest a ‘hook’ that gives the audience a reason to read on

We do things differently

LiveTourism brings case studies to life. Our skilled researchers get to the heart of the business case through building rapport with interviewees. This greater insight means we produce the most relevant content. We deliver engaging content and effective learning points.

We deliver

We have proven ways of creating the content for case studies that also rewards business participation. We help interviewees to collate their thoughts so we make the most of their time with us. Specifically we:

  • Create engaging content via face to face, telephone and video interviews
  • Build rapport and engage interviewees for more insightful and effective case studies
  • Prepare interviewees with a discussion guide and pre-planned questions
  • Present learning points in an effective and easily digestible style
  • Can advise on templates or manage the design process
  • Tailor content and style to be appropriate for intended audiences

Latest News

LiveTourism have developed COVID-19 Spectator Ready guidelines to assist and support venues as fans begin to return to live events. For further information please contact info@live-tourism.co.uk

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