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Delivering business advice

Innovative publications, case studies, advisory services

Running a tourism business challenges even the most skilled entrepreneur, owner or manager. Keeping your finger on the pulse of every topic that impacts your business is tough. Some subjects appear difficult. The whole concept may be misunderstood, the language unclear or sometimes attitudes need to change. LiveTourism has the knowledge to help fill the gaps.

Why choose us?

  • LiveTourism is renowned for developing innovative business support materials
  • We revolutionised the way businesses consider their role in the customer journey
  • We develop effective messages for different audiences
  • We focus on delivering results that work
  • We tackle every topic with enthusiasm

We do things differently

LiveTourism pioneers new methods of business advice using e-books, online programmes and traditional group settings. We walk the streets to canvas business support, film ‘vox pop’ opinion, develop detailed case studies, mystery shop premises and experiences, manage industry leading databases and provide one to one and telephone advisory services. We always find new ways of helping businesses be better.

We deliver

We find ways of engaging people and encouraging participation because there is obvious value in giving their time / money. We specialise in solutions that set out the facts, show the business case and provide simple, appealing ways to benefit from the business support. We look beyond our industry for effective ideas and solutions and apply them where appropriate. Specifically we:

  • Think creatively. Dull and boring are banned words
  • Understand the business concept of ‘what’s in it for me?’
  • Simplify difficult concepts to remove any obvious ‘fear factor’
  • Recognise different motivations
  • Make it fun as well as beneficial and relevant
  • Look to include an added extra in everything we deliver

Latest News

LiveTourism have developed COVID-19 Spectator Ready guidelines to assist and support venues as fans begin to return to live events. For further information please contact info@live-tourism.co.uk

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