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Destination PR

LiveTourism is changing destination PR

Journalists and travel writers exist in a world of changing structures, been there, done that attitudes and incredibly tight deadlines. Social media and travel blogs are growing and dedicated travel journalists are decreasing. An effective PR service keeps up with the changes, creates relationships, spots opportunities and delivers results.

Why choose us?

  • LiveTourism is a tourism destination specialist consultancy
  • We are passionate about improving destination PR
  • We understand what journalists and travel writers need
  • Our clients get noticed
  • Our services are tailored to achieve our clients’ goals

We do things differently

LiveTourism is changing destination PR. Our clients gain a reputation for delivering interesting press trips, reliable contacts, timely story ideas and for handling launch events, filming requests and fact checking services. We work with industry partners – hotels, attractions, restaurants and guides – and provide evidence of the coverage gained to keep them engaged.

We deliver

Because we understand the whole destination experience we know how important it is to involve your partner businesses. We work closely with VisitBritain and VisitEngland press teams and we turn around last minute requests in the format and manner required. We’ll even provide photographs if none exist.

  • Develop fresh concepts based on your strategic aims
  • Plant ideas and court travel writers
  • Plan detailed, bespoke itineraries that showcase the destination
  • Accompany group press trips
  • Develop online media tools for easy access – images, facts, stories, events
  • Pre-plan suggested themes and story ideas
  • Stick to the facts and let the journalists tell the story
  • Chase features and evaluate coverage

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