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Helping you deliver quality visitor experiences

Developing your markets

Attracting, growing and securing repeat business

Everybody in tourism knows that they need to focus on the visitor. Product-led approaches no longer work.

But what does ‘focusing on the visitor’ mean? In our book, it’s all about planning and developing the visitor experience.

Visitor experience planning puts the customer at the heart of everything. Anticipate their needs and secure your future business.

Why choose us?

  • LiveTourism’s VisitorJourney© is a proven tool that puts you in your customers’ shoes
  • We won’t tell you what you already know
  • Nor do we throw the baby out with the bath water
  • We work with you every step of the way
  • We have extensive experience of working with different market segmentation models e.g. Arkenford’s ArkLeisure Segmentation

How we do it

Using your visitor profiles or any existing or new market segmentation, we:

  • Map out the Visitor Journey from initial planning and booking to going home and beyond
  • Focus on: emotions (how they feel), motivations (the benefits they perceive) and priorities (the practical issues that drive choice)
  • Identify where the experience currently meets expectations
  • Highlight the gaps and opportunities to extend the experience
  • Create a visitor experience development plan

In a nutshell

Our approach will help you deliver an emotionally-compelling visitor experience.

“Using the VisitorJourney© model has supported the development of a five-year plan to grow the family market. The reason we chose to work with LiveTourism is because the model is equally as relevant at a destination level as it is for a micro business. Which means we can all work towards the same goal.” Richard Dickinson, CEO East Midlands Tourism

“Using the VisitorJourney© for our market development plans has kept us ahead of our competitors. Our research told us that our existing customers were happy with the product, but it couldn’t tell us where to go next. LiveTourism did!” Brian Hadfield, CEO Woburn Enterprise

Latest News

LiveTourism have developed COVID-19 Spectator Ready guidelines to assist and support venues as fans begin to return to live events. For further information please contact info@live-tourism.co.uk

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