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Helping you deliver quality visitor experiences

The VisitorJourney©

Put yourself in your customers shoes

Our unique VisitorJourney© is at the heart of all our work.

What is the VisitorJourney©?

“Stand in my shoes, sit in my chair, see what I see and hear what I hear.”

The VisitorJourney© is a proven tool that puts you in your customers’ shoes. It helps you judge your business through their eyes and understand their journey from the first decision to visit, to the experience itself and the memories they take home.

Knowing how to positively influence the six stages of your customers’ journey increases their satisfaction and your profitability.

Your experience through fresh eyes

The VisitorJourney© has changed the way businesses, organisations and destinations approach tourism. Tourism development is no longer driven by product and infrastructure. At LiveTourism we focus on understanding how to manage your customers’ experience and exceed their expectations.

A proven tool

Our VisitorJourney© can help any business or organisation that offers a leisure, sport or tourism experience. VisitBritain, the Premier League and major tourism agencies have all adopted this valuable way of working.

How it can help you

Our VisitorJourney© can help you to:

  • Understand more about your customers
  • Map out the information and marketing that will attract them
  • Deliver the experience your customers want, identify gaps and recognise opportunities
  • Understand and correct the weak spots in your visitors’ experience
  • Create loyal visitors who want to recommend and return

Our VisitorJourney© brings to life every LiveTourism project, from customer service training and business advice to strategy development and setting quality standards.

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Latest News

LiveTourism have developed COVID-19 Spectator Ready guidelines to assist and support venues as fans begin to return to live events. For further information please contact info@live-tourism.co.uk

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