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Annie Givens - Team Manager

Life with LiveTourism
Annie is the organised one. She’s the energetic perfectionist who sorts out our working lives and runs the LiveTourism office. We defy you to find a neater, tidier workplace. You’ll no doubt speak to Annie when you phone LiveTourism and she certainly makes every contact count.

Her tea and coffee making skills are the best in the business.

Life before LiveTourism
No wonder everyone loves Annie’s tea and coffee. She spent 27 years brewing up at altitude for BA passengers. She flew on everything from turbo props to the supersonic Concorde and her last seven years in the air were spent as head girl (Cabin Service Director) on jumbo jets.

After flying round the world more times than the rest of us have sipped macchiatos, she came down to earth to work in Media Relations for BA. Annie ended her BA career as Special Services Executive responsible for looking after the royal family, government ministers from all over the world, celebs and BA’s Premier Card-holders.

She claims to be loving life at LiveTourism. The challenge of learning a new business and working with a creative team make up for the loss of men in uniform. And we are loving her tea and coffee.

Top tip of the month

Providing excellent customer service means your staff are Proactive (approach customers who need assistance) Approachable (a smile and open body language) Knowledgeable (understand the business they are in and anticipate customer needs)

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