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Chris Wikeley - Associate

Life with LiveTourism
Clients tell us that help and advice from Chris can be more off the wall than off the peg. Be reassured that he has great sympathy for the needs and wants of business. His many years in the business (we like to call him grandad) makes his advice invaluable. He tells it like it is. So don’t always expect to like what he suggests.

Life before LiveTourism
Chris has worked in the tourism and hospitality business for forty years and counting. His work has mainly been based in the UK but his passports have stamps for Saudi Arabia, the Caribbean and Greece. He started in hotel management, worked as Head of Quality Assurance for South West Tourism and in the late 90s was the man who helped our national tourist boards, the AA and the RAC harmonise quality standards for all serviced accommodation. That just about makes up for his passion as a Sheffield United season ticket holder.

Top tip of the month

Any welcome to a business isn’t one single element but a series of interactions including signage, staff and announcements

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