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David Young - Associate

Life with LiveTourism
Having played football to international level as a youngster before discovering that combining the demands of sport with a 24/7 career in hospitality had little chance of success, David was lured to LiveTourism by the prospect of once again combining his two favourite disciplines. He brings to the team a wide experience of benchmarking and food assessment skills, as well as an in-depth understanding of customer experience expectations.

Life before LiveTourism
David has a background in hospitality and restaurants. After several years’ experience of being a dogsbody in a number of hotel and catering businesses, he turned to the AA for salvation – that’s the one famous for its star ratings, or so he tells us… He joined their hotel services business and progressed to be chief hotel and restaurant inspector. He was responsible for developing their food award schemes and worked with other tourism bodies in writing a new, harmonised hotel rating scheme for the UK. David went on to run his own acclaimed ‘restaurant with rooms’ where he was generally found sweating behind a hot stove. He now works in the wine business as well as touting his other many skills to the hospitality industry.

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Any welcome to a business isn’t one single element but a series of interactions including signage, staff and announcements

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