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“Working with the LiveTourism team across the VisitFootball programme has enabled us to benchmark, assess and then deliver significant enhancements to our front-of-house services. The level of detail and constructive debrief sessions delivered by expert assessors with ongoing support has empowered us to focus on core areas for improvement with visible and sustainable benefits for all visitors coming to Tottenham Hotspur.”

Jonathan Waite, Tottenham Hotspur Football Club

“Delivering an exceptional customer experience that delivers on our brand promise is critical to our long term success at Lord’s. LiveTourism has taken the time to understand our brand and our customer needs in order to professionally assess our match day experience. In doing so they deliver insightful ideas, some of which we can action immediately and some which form part of our longer term strategy on ways we can improve. Working with LiveTourism enables us to continually strive to deliver world-class customer experiences and their friendly, adaptable approach means they can deliver, sometimes critical assessments, to everyone in the organisation from the CEO to the stewards.”

Elly Cockcroft, Marylebone Cricket Club

“If you are striving to improve the way you and your staff do things for your customers, then working with LiveTourism will certainly help you to do this. I have always found their approach as a business very professional and supportive in helping you deliver the results needed to improve how you interact with and treat your customers. Feedback in the debrief sessions is given in a structured, constructive and professional manner, together with any ideas for improvement. The attention and level of detail allows you to see exactly where you need to focus your efforts to improve performance at every step and stage of your customer journey. Getting the feedback is the easy bit, it’s what you do with it that counts, and in allowing LiveTourism to do follow-up visits, certainly helps keep you on track for improved results.”

Lorraine Hatton-Dow, Manchester United Football Club

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Provide automated responses to customer emails, adding likely response times; it reassures them their email has been received, helps to manage expectations and reduces staff workload. If your customer doesn’t know what’s going on, they will contact you again.

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